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POC Globaltech Reach

POC Globaltech affiliates have decades of experience sourcing for global enterprises, direct relationships with factories all over the world, and exclusive distribution partnerships with major retailers across the globe. Emerging technology start-ups are creating an entirely new product landscape, distinct from traditional big business. With our new GlobalReach™ initiative, we are giving a handful of start-ups access to the same supply chain expertise and black book of relationships that we’ve used to power multi-billion dollar companies for decades.

The POC Advantage

Beyond just getting your product manufactured, how will you get it distributed in major retailers? The reality is that most likely, you won’t. Ever. Said simply, if we believe in your product, in as little as 90 days, POC Globaltech can personally pair you with the right manufacturer to:

  • Slash your production costs
  • Streamline your supply chain efficiency
  • Increase your capacity
  • Decrease your fulfillment time

In addition, we will secure national or global distribution for your product with major retailers.

Why? Because that's how WE make money. Our interests are aligned with yours. Apply Now

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If you have a product that is currently sourced overseas, or needs to be, complete the application below to be considered for our cohort of start-ups.

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